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Posted 2020-11-10 1:15 AM (#240933 - in reply to #240888)
Subject: "The ego would have you behave yourself right into a coffin." ~~ Raj


"I encourage you to enjoy the fact that you are not confronted with major problems, and zestfully get about the business of exploring and finding the Presence of God in any way that your heart desires.  Explore, have fun, take on new projects, and challenge the suggestion that the ego makes, that, “you are too mature for this sort of thing.  Behave yourself.”  The ego would have you behave yourself right into a coffin."


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"The ego would have you behave yourself

 right into a coffin."

"QUESTION:  I personally am now, in terms of age, reaching the end part of what seems to be this incarnation.  It’s a very good time, when most problems seem to have fallen away.  Yet I have concern about making the best years of the remaining years.  Have you any advice for me personally as to specific activities and practices?

RAJ:  In the first place I would encourage you to stop conceptualizing “the remaining time.”  Again, all you have ever had and all you have available to you right now is the moment you are in, and it is the moment in which you have the opportunity to, as I have said before, delightedly explore the divinity of the moment you are in.

If you want to know what to do, do what I described earlier:  Be alert, be inquisitive.  Do not play into the suggestion that you do not have time to explore anything too expansive.  That is the way individuals begin to commit suicide.  That is the beginning of the end and they create their end by saying, “I had better slow down, I’m getting on in years.”  Well, those are just words expressing an idea.  No, those are words expressing a belief, a concept that is not correct.

And so, I encourage you to enjoy the fact that you are not confronted with major problems, and zestfully get about the business of exploring and finding the Presence of God in any way that your heart desires.  Explore, have fun, take on new projects, and challenge the suggestion that the ego makes, that, “you are too mature for this sort of thing.  Behave yourself.”  The ego would have you behave yourself right into a coffin.

Now, be honest with yourself, you do not experience yourself any differently than you did when you were nineteen, except that you have adopted a few beliefs along the way that convince you, to some degree, that maybe you are different and maybe you really had better settle down, and maybe you really had better not take on any new challenges even though they are fascinating to you.  I will tell you something:  follow your fascination and don’t allow it to be squelched.

If you were going to live to be four hundred years old, then at your age now, you would still be treating yourself as a youngster just coming into adulthood, perhaps.  And the simple difference between the concept of seventy to eighty years as a lifetime, and four hundred years as a lifetime is, all the difference it would take to cause your approach to the moment you’re in to change drastically.  And you wouldn’t hesitate to be up and about exploring, up and about moving where you felt like moving, investigating what you felt like investigating and delighting in the prospect. 

Don’t slowly kill yourself by buying into the concept of a life-span of perhaps eighty years.  Just because everyone else is giving up, does not mean that it is required.  Just because no one else is going on indefinitely does not mean that that is law for you.  Make your own choice and then act out from your choice.  And let it be an intelligent choice that honors you not as a physical organism with a certain number of years for a life-span, but an eternal and every-present active expression of God, the condition of which and the nature of which is to embrace the “making of all things new,” that is the Movement of Creation, that is the Movement of your essential Being. 

Let out the stops and have a ball.  And embrace life rather than withdrawing from it.  I am not going to tell you what to explore.  You have enough valid curiosities whizzing around in you without any additional ones being provided.  And above all, don’t act your age!  [laughter]  That’s the end of the answer.

QUESTION:  Thank you very much.

RAJ:  You are welcome.  I am just simply going to add for the benefit of everyone, that old age begins in the mind, whenever one feels he has “gotten over the hill.”  Some of you feel that you have gone over the hill at twenty-nine, and that is when you begin to sort out the potentials and discard many of them that you would never have discarded when you were twenty, and for which there is no justification to discard at twenty-nine, or at fifty, or sixty-five, or seventy-five. 

And so, you begin your own demise, your own process of dying as you conceptualize and energize a belief in a particular life-span and then how a person of a certain age should behave.  Children are the ones who behave beautifully.  They don’t act their age, they act in a way that is responsive to the glory of Life.  And they approach their days with delight and curiosity, and indeed, they discover new things.  And the discovery spurs on the further inquisitiveness. 

Life is the Eternal constant, it always has been.  And although from within the egos frame of reference you seem only to be able to remember a certain number of years from your birth in this lifetime to the present, the fact is that there has not been a moment when you have not been consciously experiencing Life.  It is the Eternal constant. 

But when you begin to say, “I had better act my age.”  And when acting your age is defined by group consensus, and group consensus is based upon what everybody sees . . . that seventy years or so is the maximum that you can really honestly expect.  Then you begin to put on the breaks and resist the Eternal constant of Life.  And you create dissonance and tension within yourself because you are beginning an active stage of self-denial.  And you wear yourselves out, and then you give up, not in the sense of giving up to life, but as I said yesterday, in the sense of giving up to the illusion.

And so, those of you who are under forty, who are looking at those who are over seventy, don’t sit and wonder how they could possibly be settling for less than they are settling for, because you are all engaged in your beginning stages of denying life by losing the vital and enthusiastic inquisitiveness and joy about life that a child has.

If you are not getting up in the morning with an expectation—a delighted expectation—of something new, but rather you dread the day because you know what’s coming, you are already beginning to kill yourself.

How many of you are fighting for stability, where nothing changes so that you can relax and feel secure?  Well, it seems to me that, that description fits what is called a “coffin.”

Let change come.  As I said, it is the edict of the Father, “Behold, I make all things new.” 

Let there be enough courage to flow with the Movement of Being, which makes all things new.  And be inquisitive to see the newness and be inquisitive to see the clarifications and revelations, and learn not to resist life and pull back from it.  And when you find yourself dreading the day, challenge that expectation, because that’s all it is.  You have no idea what is going to happen.  You cannot prove it ahead of time.  Release that expectation, it is just a concept covering your perception.  And let some of the child in you emerge, and let that inquisitiveness be there. 

And let yourself delight in finding the parking spot right in front of the place where you are going, or picking up the phone just as it was going to ring, and having the person be on the other end that you were going to call.  And let the delight in the simple order and the simple fulfillment of the day begin to register with you.  The only reason it doesn’t is, because you cover your perception with a commitment to an expectation that doesn’t allow for you to be alert to, receptive to, sensitive to, and able to embrace the Movement of God, and therefore, the movement of your very own fulfillment.

You say, “But everyone else I know has died.”  Well, not everyone has.  And this is a time for you to pay attention to the exception to the rule, and claim the exception as your Birthright, instead of going along with the crowd.  That’s the end of the answer."


Auckland, New Zealand, 


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