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Random quote: The sole responsibility of God's teacher is to accept the Atonement for himself. ~~ MFT
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Posted 2020-11-03 2:47 PM (#240689 - in reply to #240502)
Subject: while William accurately called it ...


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[[The gentlest explanation of: “The fall of man” …that I have heard:]]

... after a lengthy contemplation today, i was also moved, and even felt nurtured, by the simple gentle meanings given ... as well, there was a deep sense of relief - for what i'm not sure -  along with, what felt like an invitation to begin right now being curious in a new way,  like being an explorer in another dimension ... thanks to everyone with a hand in the delivery! 

Raj excerpt – Melbourne, Aus 1993, tape 4

QUESTIONER:  This question which I am asking was asked by my friend.  And the question is:  “Why are we experiencing this illusion if we are all perfect in the Movement of God?” 

RAJ:  Why do you ride a roller-coaster?

 QUESTIONER:  I don’t.

RAJ:  You must understand that, just as you can look around you and view everything within your range of vision, and you can get a microscope and home in on a very minute aspect of all that your vision normally takes in—in which you experience a limitation because of such a high degree of focus—you are, Divinely speaking, able to experience Reality from many levels (which you are most familiar with through the use of the word dimensions: first, second, third, fourth). 

It is not a disobedience to do this.  And so, as I have said before, what has been called “the fall of man” was not an act of disobedience for which you have believed you were punishable, it is rather an option that you have available to you.  The problem is that when you choose to look at the Kingdom of Heaven through only the first three-dimensions—which I have referred to as “the third-dimensional frame of reference”—the experience of limitation is necessarily one of losing your experience of your infiniteness. 

This experience does not feel natural.  It’s unnaturalness is not a penalty that you are experiencing, but rather just the reminder that this is not your home-base perception, your home-base experience.  It is this uncomfortableness, this unnaturalness which has become the trigger of fear, which your now tiny sense of self takes as a call for defense. 

And thus what happens is, you can become entrapped in a pattern of behavior of self-protection that causes you to forever stay at a distance from your threshold of Awakening—or in other words, coming back into the infinite view that it is your Birthright to be experiencing.

Most of you in this room have been caught in what I will call an eddy, like an eddy in a river—a little circular, repetitive movement of water—which if a leaf gets caught in, will stay for some time, until it becomes dislodged and is once again caught up in the current of forward movement of the river. 

We began talking yesterday about innocence, and about the fact that most everyone to one degree or another feels like a fugitive—and always a fugitive is a fugitive from justice.  And through the use of thinking one builds an insulation between one’s self, a distance between one’s self—and this justice, which, one believes, will indict one as being guilty.  And so one stays away from the Justice, which because it is Justice with a capital “J,” will demonstrate to you the verdict of: “innocent.”

Likewise, in shifting from your Birthright of the infinite view, to a limited perception of the Kingdom of Heaven, you move into an experience of limitation, which feels uncomfortable and which your now tiny sense of self interprets to be danger ….rather than your innate Sanity telling you that this is not home-base for you.  And that is when the defense, the insulation, is developed.  And as long as that insulation is maintained, you will remain caught in the limited perception.

Again, it is very important for you to understand that the choice to view the Kingdom of Heaven from within the three-dimensional frame of reference is no different from you choosing to look at the three-dimensional frame of reference, but narrowing yourself down to a microscopic view.  Therefore, no judgment is made upon you, and you are not guilty of anything that you must make up for. 

Now, the very fact that each of you has Divine guidance available to you, is because there are those of us who have not chosen to view the Kingdom of Heaven from within the three-dimensional frame of reference only.  And we see that you are distracted from your Wholeness, you are distracted from the infinite view (what I referred to yesterday as God’s point of view) that it is your Birthright to be experiencing. 

And so we are able to step into that point where you are paying attention, in order to help encourage you to invalidate the fear, to invalidate the sense of guilt, to help re-instill in you your innocence (that has not gone anywhere and which, very deeply, you have not forgotten) so that you might begin to reinterpret your discomfort.  Not as a sign of danger, but as an evidence of your ever present capital “S” Sanity, that knows that the limitation you are experiencing is not your Birthright, is not valid for you.  And so, as to help you get the courage to abandon your flight, to abandon the identification as a fugitive, and in the absence of fear, be able to slip back into your Sanity. 

I will tell you that the ego is not your friend.  The ego is that sense of yourself that you have developed based upon the unusual and, in some ways, exciting experience of being and feeling tiny.  The ego—in other words, this sense of yourself that you have developed, sometimes with great pride because of the skill and excellence with which you are able to express this egohood—is itself a misunderstanding of who you are, it is itself flawed.  And every apparent perception that it has is a hundred eighty degrees out of sync with Reality; therefore, it is always lying.  In other words, it is giving you information that is exactly the opposite of the Truth.

This is why it is very difficult to Wake up without help, because the perspective that your conditioning provides you is one that is ultimately scary.  In fact, the moment any of you actively begins to pursue your enlightenment, because something in you has illuminated to you the fact that there is enlightenment to be experienced, your ego immediately begins to speak up and pose threatening thoughts of danger.  And I will tell you that the closer you get to the threshold of your Awakening, the more gargoyles there will be placed around the door to the Kingdom of Heaven by the ego.

It truly is very much like the maps in Columbus’ time, where the belief was that there was an edge to the planet that one could fall off.  And to keep people from venturing to that point of danger, they always characterized the edge as the habitat of dragons—gargoyles, in so many words. 

Now, the real call here is for all of you to abandon the sense of guilt, the sense of vulnerability, the sense of tininess—which is the exact opposite of the Truth about you—and like Columbus, dare to move beyond what everyone perceives to be the edge, beyond which there is nothing.  And you accomplish this by bringing curiosity into play.  An explorer embodies curiosity—a willingness to abandon the conditionings that say: thus far and no farther.

We could put this another way using the illustration of the microscope:  If you have become very familiar with everything as you see it in the larger view with your eyes, and then you begin to view a drop of water from a pond or a small piece of tissue or something else, and you discover fascinating things going on, you could become quite engrossed.  And your mother or your wife might have to say: “Dinner is ready, come on, come on.”  “Just a minute, just a minute, this is fascinating, you wouldn’t believe what I’m seeing here.”  “Come on, dinner is ready.”  And they have to tear you away from your engrossment with all of this fascinating new view.

Now, I am purposely sharing these images with you so that you might understand that your current dilemma of experiencing a limited view—which is uncomfortable at times—is not because of an act of disobedience on your part, which means that punishment will be coming when you’re finally caught.  And you are also not lost.  You are not lost Souls. 

You are like the individual engrossed with his view in the microscope, who, by virtue of his engrossment has abandoned common sense and doesn’t care about eating dinner.  But dinner hasn’t gone anywhere, and the room in the house that the microscope is in is still there, and his family is still there, and life is hustling and bustling all around him, even though it is not part of what he is giving his attention to.  That is the key.  And I said yesterday in answer to one of the questions:  “If you want to experience more meaning, then you must pay attention.”

You are not caught in a limited perception because you did something wrong and God is punishing you.  You do not have a sentence that you must fulfill before you can be released.  You simply have to arrive at a point where you realize that the whole thing doesn’t represent Reality; that you are experiencing it as a matter of conscious choice.  And it was a choice for something that was perfectly all right, except that it happened to be so engrossing that you have forgotten to come Home to dinner. 

In this way, you will not be hesitant to come Home for fear of punishment, and you will not justify remaining further in a limited perception of things.  And also, any fascination you have with any aspect of this illusion, or limited perception of the Kingdom of Heaven, will become less engrossing.  Because knowing what I have said allows you to remember that there is something else besides this. 

As the Course (in Miracles) says: “There is another way to look at this.”  ….And “this” is the Kingdom of Heaven. There is another way to look at all of “this.”  And once you remember that, it will become easier to develop a little bit of curiosity, and curiosity is like grease on the skids.

Someone who is superstitious could say that a microscope is one of the toys in the devil’s workshop, because it distracts you from Reality.  Someone else could say that, having chosen to look at the Kingdom of Heaven from within the three-dimensional only frame of reference (because that is a distraction from the Kingdom of Heaven) it is the evidence, it is one of the tools of the devil. 

But I want to cut through this superstition of duality.  There is only God and His infinite Self-expression, and nothing else.  And the only way in which duality or conflict of opposing forces, the only way those thoughts or concepts could come into play, is once you have adopted the three-dimensional only frame of reference—in which you lose your True sense of yourself.  And instead of being that Conscious Awareness in which everything is going on, you are a little tiny point of awareness in the middle of it all. 

And in that reversed experience, it becomes possible to conceive of danger, and therefore some opposing force.  And then ….here’s the hooker: this opposing force is something for you to overcome.  And because something in you tells you that you are Divine, because it cannot be utterly wiped from your memory by your preoccupation, you say: “I can beat this sucker.”  And the contest is on.  And the more you become engrossed in it, the further from your mind going Home becomes.  Mind you, none of this changes Reality in any way.

You have heard the phrase, I know: “a woman who is a computer widow”….. meaning that she has lost her husband to a computer—can’t tear him away for dinner, can’t get him to go out with the family and so-on, because it is so engrossing.  That is all the more serious “the fall” was or is.  It was not an act against God. 

You see, the Course speaks of level confusion, and I am addressing level confusion here today.  When a shift from being in your Right Mind occurs—when you abandon God’s point of view for what we will call a partial experience of what God is Being—and you begin to experience polarities, fear, the call for defense and so-on, and this seems very real to you, you make the assumption that these dualistic or polarized characteristics that you are now experiencing must also necessarily be characteristic of God. 

And that is how the concept of a wrathful God developed.  It was a projection of the confusion experienced by those caught in the three-dimensional only frame of reference.  And who is going to want to unite with a wrathful God? 

So you see how the limited perception reinforces itself and imprisons you.  This is why it is so essential for all of you to be willing to at least consider that who you think you are at the moment is not who you Are, but is nothing more than a collection of definitions and characteristics that you have slowly put together and said: “This is me.” 

As a child you practiced walking, either like a lady or like a man.  And you got the hang of certain characteristics that you liked and you incorporated them.  Today they are just a part of you, and you say: “It’s me.  That’s part of the package I am.  That’s the way I always have been.  I came into this life this way.”  But you didn’t.  You saw characteristics and behaviors that you liked and you slowly incorporated them and you developed a character. 

It’s the ego.  And it’s not you. It’s a collection of characteristics, either physical characteristics of behavior or mental characteristics.  You are that which observed and said: “I’ll take a little bit of swagger, and I’ll take a little bit of gentleness, but not too much.  I’ll take a lot of understanding, but I’ll also take a lot of arrogance so that there will be a balance and I won’t be a wimp.” and so-on.  That which was observing is who you Are; not the collection of things that were appropriated for your use, as defense against the hostile world that you thought you found yourself in. 

Now, I am not going to ask any of you, because you can’t do it and you wouldn’t do it, but I am not going to ask any one of you to totally invalidate yourself and say: “There’s nothing here except illusion.  Who I think I am is nothing but illusion.”  That won’t help you a bit.  You must start right where you are, as exactly who you think you are, exactly who you think you are at the moment.  And because there is already a curiosity present in you, or you wouldn’t be on a spiritual path, or you would not be searching for something more ….because that’s there—be willing to look at yourself or anything else and say: “What I see does not mean what I think it means.” 

For those of you who are students of A Course In Miracles, the very first lesson in the workbook says: “Nothing that I see means anything.”  And this is a “wow-er” of a first lesson in a book that you’re not even sure you believe.  It is meant to jolt you out of your rut, out of your confidence that you understand everything, and that there is nothing more than what you are experiencing.  Why?  In order to bring into play curiosity, so that you don’t just complacently, out of habit, assume that everything is what you’ve been told it is, or that everything is what you assumed it was.

If I say that right there where each one of you sits is the direct expression of God, the fully illuminated and illuminating Christ Presence, and you conceive that what I am saying might be True, that indeed my perspective about you is more accurate than your present perspective about yourself—well, the fact is you may go through some ego reactions of revulsion or denial or whatever—but there is a part of you that will become curious.  And you will not off-handedly say: “What you see is what you get.  What I see of me is all there is of me.” 

And you will become curious:  “If I am Divine, then there must be some natural inherent characteristics of my Divinity that I don’t have to demonstrate or create.  And I am going to be open to any potential glimmers or beginning experiences of that Divinity that will help give me courage to dare to say, even with little confidence, that: ‘I am indeed, fully Divine, even though I can’t conceive of it totally.’ ” 

You see, it begins to open the door.  But you won’t open the door if you believe the sense of guilt that you feel in the pit of your stomach ….that seems to prove to you that the pursuit of your experience of your Divinity will be detrimental to your health.  That, in other words: it will lead you to the guillotine; it will lead you to the ax; to the judgment: “guilty,” that has come from God. And there will be no way for you to escape. 

That’s what you are afraid of and what the ego is afraid is ahead of it.  And it tells you that it is your neck that is on the line.  And so it is safer not to risk the chance that you may be innocent, in face of the likelihood that you will be proven guilty forever.  That’s the way the ego keeps you.  That’s the way your conditioned thinking holds you in an illegitimate bondage. 

I cannot overstate the value of meditation, because meditation side-steps thinking ….which is the way the ego functions.  And it allows you to come into the silence within yourself, in which you have an unusually wonderful opportunity to have a direct experience of who you Divinely Are. 

And the first experience of that Divinity is what you call peace, centeredness—a peace with an exquisite equilibrium to it.  You think that it’s just a physical relaxation, but it isn’t.  It truly is that you shift away from body identification.  The peace that you experience is the direct experience of the peace of your Being.  It is the way that you begin coming back Home.  It is the way you begin to undo your preoccupation with the computer, or your preoccupation with the fascinating (but highly limited) view through the microscope.  It is the way you disengage from your addiction to overcoming the opponent.

As crazy as this sounds to some of you, the choice to view Reality, the choice to view the Kingdom of Heaven, from within the first three-dimensions only, is not a disobedience, it is not punishable. Those who are Awake think nothing of it, because it is not a wrongness. 

The only thing is, is that we know the potential for becoming side-tracked from coming back to your True vantage point is high.  And if you become too engrossed, we will have to shake your shoulder or somehow get your attention, and literally entice you into turning away from that which engrosses you, so that you may voluntarily bring your attention back to what is Real, or to that which is viewed from a proper perspective—the Real perspective.

I will tell you that the likelihood is, once you have decided for your Wholeness and for the experience of who you Truly Are, that the great likelihood is that you will never ever again choose to view the Kingdom of Heaven from the first three dimensions only.  But that will be a conscious, rational choice, not with any sense of guilt, but just with a sense that if you’ve had too much chocolate, you’ve had too much chocolate.  If you’ve had too much of anything, you’ve had too much of it and that will do you for eternity.  But it won’t be with remorse. 

What will come into play, as a matter of great perspective (you could almost say, what will come into play that is saddening, except it won’t be saddening) is just a feeling of wisdom.  You will realize that it is too bad that you felt so bad about what you were doing while you were doing it, because there was no reason for the feeling of guilt and of self-depreciation.  There was no reason for you to interpret the tininess, which is inherent in that point of view, as a flaw or a fault within yourself, and something you had to strive for to overcome, to deserve to come back Home. 

At the same time you will see that it all didn’t even happen; it didn’t happen as you were perceiving it.  It all happened as it Divinely occurred.  Because you must remember that if you are just looking at the first, second and third of the fourth-dimension, which is all inclusive ….it is what is going on in the fourth-dimension that is being observed from the limited perception. 

And you will see that your interpretations of who you are and what part you played in everything, wasn’t the way it was at all.  And you will have the remembrance of what has been infinitely, Divinely happening.  And so, you will simply—really—understand the nature of limited perception.  You will see that it doesn’t constitute the Real vantage point.  And you will see that only under the most unusual circumstances would there be any value for you to do it again.  That will just be perspective, without any charge to it—any emotional charge. 

I am glad you asked the question.  I knew that was what you were going to ask, and it was what everyone needed to hear.  And I am always pleased to bring into focus the fact that all of the justifications that all of you come up with for feeling guilty, for running from Justice, for demeaning yourselves, for not embracing yourselves Lovingly—I am always glad to illuminate the fact that there is no justification for any of it.  And the sooner you let go of that—the sooner you invalidate all of those activities—the sooner you will be free to be present where you are and pay attention with new eyes.  And that will precipitate Awakening.  Because this element of curiosity, that breaks down conceptual structures that have bound you, comes into play.  But you will not dare to explore if you think that the ultimate result is that you will be pegged, and nailed to the cross.  We won’t even go into that. 



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