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TODAY: COMPLETE: Zoom Info; Agenda for: 26th session ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together video meeting
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William Daniels
Posted 2020-09-16 3:26 PM (#238657)
Subject: TODAY: COMPLETE: Zoom Info; Agenda for: 26th session ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together video meeting

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26th session ACIM/Raj/Awakening/Together

video meeting






We are following Raj's guidance to accept Awakening, together.

YOU are invited!!!

We sure would Love to have your participation!

I Love you,


Tonight: 7:00 PM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) USA

Go online to: Zoom.us ........super easy to get started.

Join the meeting:

Meeting ID: 872 9311 4948

PASSWORD: 334068

Then, I propose that we study and act on this post from Raj:




Posted 2020-09-15 11:06 AM (#23837
Subject: Making One Whole

Dear friends,

TEN YEARS AGO, when the Foundation purchased a residence for Paul and Susan to live in, a generous benefactor loaned $500,000 to the Foundation in order to complete the purchase. Since then this individual has allowed repayment to be pushed further and further away, until now. At this time repayment is now being requested in the amount of $527,271.17.

This means that above and beyond the original $500,000 the Foundation is only being charged $2,727 per year for interest – an incredibly low rate. Repayment has been requested by the end of September, although Paul has suggested the possibility of extending that date until October 31.

To this end, we are today initiating a vigorous fundraising process in order to keep this individual financially whole and treated with the respect which the sort of support he has given calls for.

In addition, I have instructed Paul to explore the availability of home equity loans and also to invite anyone who might want to “pick up the baton,” so to speak, and place a new lien on the house — which is otherwise free of debt — and to clear the retiring lien (see above) to be repaid in a period of 1 to 2 years. This option would be put in place instead of a home equity loan.

Now, separate and apart from this call for “keeping whole,” it is four days away from the 19th — that day of the month when there is always a large payment due which has no grace period. This month, the amount due is $5,091, and until it is paid, other basic expenses have been put on hold, potentially putting the telephone service in jeopardy. Everyone’s support is invited to help pay the $5,091 in full by 5:30 PM PDT, on Saturday.

These last few months have been full of learning for Paul and Susan — not just about staying afloat and managing to meet the needs with fewer goods available, but in terms of really neglecting to energize fear and faithlessness. Making that choice when it seems totally unreasonable is the threshold where everyone on the globe stands right now, and it must be practiced without self-righteous resentment in any form. When it is something one doesn’t feel like doing, and yet it has to be done, one had better include it in his or her awareness of what the practice of spirituality involves today, making it less exclusive, more relevant to human need, and doing it!

As I have mentioned before, Paul and I have had numerous conversations addressing these issues, which are relevant to everyone. We have yet to begin to post them, but even with everything else that is going on, it will be done.

False pride gets in the way of Paul’s willingness to sit down and listen for these requests to “make whole” when it comes to meeting the needs he is responsible for taking care of. But, this month he has no qualms whatsoever about letting everyone know of the need to “make whole” and to “keep whole” the benefactor who, after 10 years, is requesting to finish the agreement. This one’s support, contributing to making our work available around the globe, extended into substantial monthly contributions for most of the past 10 years, as well, and gratitude is justified.

Unfortunately, “It’s impossible!” seems to be the aggressive mantra of faithlessness, forcing everyone to decide with undivided commitment which Teacher he is going to listen for and give voice to. It is a refrain confronting Paul and Susan every day . . . and every day, whether you can see it or not, they persist in choosing me. These days it is not usually an inspiring process, but one of learning, of accepting the fact that there is no alternative, and then not being discouraged! In many ways it feels like work, and they are learning to accept that, with the same commitment they bring to revelations of peace and joy. And this is where everyone is today.

The emphasis, therefore, of what I must bring has shifted, and it is showing up in my private conversations with Paul. And so, those will begin to be the primary source of what will be shared, together with pertinent illumination and practical education right in the face of what seem to be the present circumstances in the world. In other words, it’s “confrontive lab work” time in this higher school of education called A Course in Miracles and the world which the miracles — the sudden shifts of perception — end up bearing witness to the truth of!

Spiritual exclusivity and escape from “the world,” is not the function of the miracle or the Course. It is, instead, becoming defenseless against the world — abandoning the meanings you have given it — neglecting to enforce your perceptions upon it, and letting the Father’s perspective of Creation register with you, “letting His will be done on earth, as it is in heaven,” because earth is heaven misperceived. It is “your will be done” overlaid on His until you stop and the miracle happens!

It is Stare Down the Bogeyman time. It is stand with me or the Holy Spirit time, facing your fear, and not running away from it — facing every gruesome, alarming moment of staring it down, because whatever it appears to be, it is nothing covering up Something.

Fortunately and unfortunately the world is confronted by two frightening elements. One, which no one is responsible for (a virus), and another which is an aggressive political promotion of division and fear by those who should know better. Those two elements, which seem to have truly scary dynamics unique to them, making them seem quite different, are identical and call for one thing, and one thing only: Choose Your Teacher! NOTHING ELSE!

Although one of them seems to have the force of human will behind it, and the other seems to have the force of “evolution,” what you are seeing is absolutely determined by the teacher you’re looking with, not by what they seem to “say” they are. You will see neither one of them when you choose to look with me. You will call it a healing, a miracle, and you will be right!

Why did I say “fortunately and unfortunately”? Because in the realm of belief, in the imagination, in current ignorance, there are only two creative forces: Human Will and Nature. When both of them simultaneously present themselves, side-by-side, as maximally powerful and as dangerous as they can be, and they are so blatant in their unreality, the “call for correction” is so inescapable that full release from both of them is imminent . . . if you don’t turn your back on the them, but stare them down, instead.

This constitutes real change in your behavior — changes which take practice, changes which feel unnatural because they haven’t become natural and you haven’t found the joy of practicing them yet.

I could go on, and I will go on, because what we are discussing is the “leaven that leavens the whole lump.” You don’t have to know how leaven works. You only have to add it to the dough. You don’t even have to have faith in order for it to leaven the whole batch. But you do have to neglect to let faithlessness discourage you from adding it. Likewise, you don’t have to make the miracle work. You just have to stop standing in the way of it.

I can say this in thousands of ways, but that is enough for now. It sufficiently makes the case for making whole and keeping whole. It also opens the door to an awareness that as Sons and Daughters of God, as members of the Brotherhood, it is your function to be Benefactors on behalf of each other, to embrace our Function as Teachers of God. And to be grateful we’re not out of a job until we’re actually out of a job because everyone is Awake!

Paul is sitting here, hearing, transcribing, and agreeing with every word. But when we first began, he was not a happy camper. False pride and arrogance stood in the way of his finding pleasure in listening for my words, my perspective, my embrace of him and of my embrace of you by means of his willingness to give voice to the Voice for Truth. He has experienced a shift of perception and has, as a result, been the embodiment of everything I have shared. Everyone is blessed — and he along with everyone else.

I love you all, and there is more to come.

Kingston, Washington
September 15th, 2020


All of the activities of the Northwest Foundation for “A Course In Miracles” are provided without charge or obligation. This is possible because of thoughtfulness, love extended without conditions. Such is the nature of Gift. As a result these materials are available to you, because someone like you has already gifted you with them. And, at Raj’s instruction, these materials will never be sold.

If you would like to add your thoughtfulness and love, to gift others with the availability of these materials, you’re invited to make a tax-deductible contribution at our website, or send it to our address, both of which are shown below.

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You are welcome to copy and share these materials with friends.

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