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Random quote: To be ever present in the Now, makes it impossible to consider the past or future.
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I started this post yesterday: .....signs of death?
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Pamela Parnell
Posted 2019-09-06 7:41 AM (#232273 - in reply to #232270)
Subject: Here are some of my thoughts about aging and no, death.


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Hi William, Judy and All,


What does “No, signs of death” mean? You seem to think that “No, signs of death” means not showing any signs of aging to the degree of not getting gray hair or wrinkles, etc. In the excerpt I shared the “old man” was showing great signs of old aging, but then his body was transformed into a much younger physical form. I think that would be proof that someone went from experiencing signs of death and then being transformed into “No, signs of death.”


There have been several famous people who they claimed never seemed to show signs of aging, like Dick Clark, but then near the end he did seem to age more and he did die.


I think what you are talking about is more about Waking up here while in the flesh, or not Waking up until you have passed on. If anyone Wakes up here and now, and had been showing signs of aging, I believe like the “old man” their body would be transformed to a younger state, much like we have heard that happens if you do go through death.


And there are many stories of those “Near death experiences” that some have gone through and written about. But I don’t hear any of them actually being physically transformed to a younger version of themselves. I actually was not very interested in those stories, so haven’t read them all the way through. They may have experienced a healing of some kind, I’m not sure. I also don’t know if anyone has followed their lives since they came back from being temporarily dead, to see if they ever died later on in the traditional way that we see as death.


So, I believe that to actually see proof, would be to see someone who has aged and then be transformed to a young physical body that looks and is as active as a younger physical body.


Of course, there are those people with lots of money who go through plastic surgery and using products that they claim eliminates wrinkles and they dye their hair to appear younger. And some actually are very active physically by staying on a regular extensive exercise program. But, of course, that too is not what we are talking about here.


Also, in the excerpt that I shared the “old man” after saying some things, did disappear from view in the beginning of his transformation from death to life. But if you continued to read, you see that he was very much with these people on a daily basis completely young and in the flesh. He did, as the other Masters were able to disappear from view and instantly be transported to another place where they showed up in physical form. They did those things because they were totally Awake to doing the Father’s Will: “Love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.” The first time I heard that statement I thought, “If I did that, when would I have time to do anything I wanted to do!”


Or the statement, “I of myself can do nothing, it is the Father that does the work.” It is also said that Jesus lived his life (attempting to teach us) “As I hear, that I do.” Meaning he did nothing without asking and listening to what the Father wanted him to do. This is what the Course and Raj have been trying to teach us. And just think, when we decided that we want to do something ourselves, that we are actually taking God’s job away from Him. He wants to be (actually is) our self-expression. But then we say, “No, I’d rather do it myself.” Or, “I keep asking for His help in meeting my needs! But I’m not seeing my needs being met!” To me, that’s like typing your question, and instead of staying with the desire to listen for the answer, we hit the “delete” button. And then we start thinking that the Father isn’t listening to us because we don’t feel our needs are being met. But hitting that delete button is like turning off your ability to hear His Voice to lead us to do what He wants us to do to experience our needs.


I of myself can say, that I do that sometimes, but then I fall back into the ego frame of reference. I guess I am just not totally devoted to doing the Father’s Will 24/7. And I know that many of the people here on the forum and those who study the Course or what Raj is teaching us are not applying everything we have learned, at least not all the time.


So, maybe our question should be more like, do we know anyone who has Awakened to the Christ (Master) that they Are while still living here in the flesh and not going through death?


If anyone has, we haven’t heard about it. But then, again, would they announce it, brag about it??? They may even have to leave their surroundings because of how their friends and loved ones would treat them. There was a story that Leonard Orr used to talk about, it was a friend of his, whose uncle used to manifest the food he wanted. But he used to go to the grocery store once a week and by lots of canned goods so no one would know what he was doing. And finally he “walked away” leaving everything behind. And when they went to his house they found rooms that were completely filled with canned goods, that was when they realized that he bought the canned goods so no one would see him as strange, and when he was no longer their it could still be used for other’s or at least it didn’t decay and smell as any other food would have.


They talk about those who “walk away” or “take their bodies with them, without leaving it behind.” But from what I am getting about being Awake is that these people who Awaken are then living the life between the physical and the so-called other side, coming and going as it were. They go where they are needed, where the Father directs them to be to do His Will.


I too, Judy, have had “light” experiences. There was one day at Asilomar when I was sitting in the audience listening to Raj when my eyes started staring at that huge fireplace with the big stones on it. And as I looked at one large stone, it was like watching a movie going on where I could see people moving around and talking, etc. I think I must have watched these animated pictures for an hour or so. I would go from one stone to another stone all showing different scenes. I do believe that each picture was showing me scenes of what Raj was talking about at the time, because I did hear his voice speaking as I watched the scenes.


I have had many, many experiences that are hard to share with anyone, except here on this forum.


That’s all for now. Love to All of you here and now. One more thing: We are All really Awake, believing that we are not!


Love, Pam

Edited by Pamela Parnell 2019-09-06 7:42 AM
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