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I started this post yesterday: .....signs of death?
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Pamela Parnell
Posted 2019-09-04 3:19 PM (#232260 - in reply to #232222)
Subject: Here is an excerpt of an "old man" becoming transformed.


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Hi William,

I have asked you several times if you have read the books (at least the first 3 vol.) of "The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East." But you have never answered. So I am sharing this excerpt hoping you may read it here. It would also be nice to hear some feedback as to maybe some details as to what you may be trying to do to experience "no death" and "no aging." From what you have shared, I only am hearing that since you have been studying the Course for 35 years that you expect that it should have happened to you just because you have studied the Course. It sounds like you want to "discuss" this subject, but yet you never do. You only seem to want to know if anyone has experience "reverse aging" and/or "no death." I have been studying this subject since the 60's, and it hasn't happened to me yet. But I feel that if I truly followed what I have been taught through the Course and the Life and Teachings books and inner listening consistently, that it is possible. So, in my case, it is probably a bit of laziness, where I keep hearing the egos voice, instead of staying connected with the Voice for Truth (the Father's Voice). It isn't so easy to live this life with so much ego input all around us, or maybe it is just our ignorance to discern between what is ego and what isn't.

Love you, Pam


Excerpt from: The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East

[The experience of an “old man” who was so close that he was able to be Awakened to a young physical experience and he talks of his experience.]

[Volumes 1 thru 5 are on my website. There are also some audio of some of the important experiences in the 3 volumes that were of their personal experiences. http://www.pamelaparnell.com/Life.html ]



Day after day for two months, with the old man as our instructor, we gave our whole attention to a set of tablets which dealt entirely with characters, symbols, and their position, plan, and meaning. One morning early in March we went to the room in the temple, as usual, and found the old gentleman lying on the couch as though asleep. One of our party walked over and placed a hand on his arm to arouse him, then started back and exclaimed, “He is not breathing. I believe he is dead.” We gathered around the couch and were so absorbed in our own thoughts of death among these people that we did not hear anyone enter. We were aroused from our reverie by a voice saying, “Good morning.” We turned toward the door and there stood Emil. We had supposed that he was a thousand miles away and his sudden appearance had startled us. Before we had time to compose ourselves he had walked over and was shaking hands all around.

In a moment, Emil walked to the couch on which the old man was lying. Placing his hand upon the old man’s head, he said, “Here we have a dear brother who has departed from this earth but has not been able to finish his work among us. As one of your poets has said, `He has wrapped his mantle about him and has lain down to pleasant dreams.’ In other words, you have pronounced him dead. Your first thought is to get an undertaker and a coffin, to prepare a grave to hide the mortal part of him while it dissolves.

“Dear friends, kindly think for a moment. To whom did Jesus speak when he said, `Father, I thank Thee that Thou hast heard me.’ He was not talking to the outer self, the me, the shell. He was recognizing and praising the Inner Self, the One Infinite, the All Hearing, All Knowing, All Seeing, the Great and Mighty Omnipresent God. Can you not see where the eyes of Jesus were turned as he stood at the tomb of Lazarus? Did he, like you, look into that tomb and see a dead and dissolving Lazarus? While your vision was upon the dead, he held his vision upon the living, the only begotten of God. His vision was fixed upon unchangeable, eternal, omnipresent Life and that Life transcends all. Now, with our vision held steadfastly toward the ever-present reality of God, we can behold His finished work.

“Here is a dear brother who never relied wholly on God but went on partially in his own strength, until he has reached this stage and given up and made the mistake which so many are making today, the mistake you look upon as death. This dear soul has not been able to let go of all doubt and fear and thus he has relied on his own strength and has not been able to finish the work set before all. Should we leave him thus, his body will dissolve and he will be again sent forth to finish his mortal task, which is all but complete. In fact, so nearly complete is it that we can help him to finish and we feel this to be a great privilege.

“You asked if he can again be awakened to full consciousness. Yes, he can and so can all others who have similarly passed. Though he has passed, as you look upon it, we who have shared a part of his life with him can help and he will be able to understand quickly so that he may take his body with him. It is not necessary to leave the body to so-called death and dissolution even after one has apparently made the great mistake.”

Here the speaker stopped and, for a moment, appeared to be lost in deep meditation. In a very short time four of our friends from the village walked into the room. They gathered close together for a few moments as though in deep thought. Then two of them reached out their hands and motioned us to join them. We stepped up close and two placed their arms around two of our party and we in turn placed our arms around each other until the circle was complete. The circle extended around the couch that the form of the departed was lying upon. As we stood there for a moment without a word being spoken, the light in the room became brighter. We turned and Jesus And Pilate were standing in the room together, a few steps away. They came forward and joined us.

There was another deep silence. Then Jesus stepped forward to the couch and, raising both hands, said, “Dear ones, will you just step through the vale of death with me for a moment? It is not forbidden ground as you think. If you will just step through as we have done and view it from the other side, you will see that it is only what your thoughts have made it. There is life there, the same life that is here.” He stood for a moment with outstretched hands. “Dear friend and brother, you are with us and we are with you and we are all together with God. The sublime purity, peace, and harmony of God surrounds, embraces, and enriches all. This perfection now manifests so vividly to you, our dear one, that you may arise and be received unto your Father. Dear one, you see and know that it is not dust to dust and ashes to ashes, but it is Life, pure Life, Life Everlasting. Your body need not be left to mortal dissolution. You now perceive the glory of the Kingdom from which you come forth. You may now arise and go to your Father and the shout goes up, `All hail, all hail, the new born one, the risen Lord, the Christ among men.’“

Dear reader, words are but a travesty when the mortal attempts to picture the beauty and purity of the light that filled that room and, as that form arose, the light seemed to penetrate every object so that nothing cast a shadow, not even the form of our friend or our own bodies. The walls seemed to expand and become transparent until we seemed to be looking into infinite space. The glory of that picture cannot be told. Then we knew that, instead of standing in the presence of death, we were standing in the presence of Eternal Life, Life unspeakably grand, never diminishing but going on and on eternally.

What could we mortals do but stand and stare? In the uplift of those few moments we were carried, for a time, far beyond our most sanguine imagination of heaven and the beauty of it all. It was not a dream, but real. Thus the real can be greater than any dream. We were privileged to see through and beyond the shadow.

The beauty and tranquility of that scene and the great faith we had already placed in our friends carried us completely over the divide that day and today that divide is but a level plain. Yet in some way it was made clear that each one, for himself, must first scale the heights before the beauty beyond can be seen.

With every vestige of age gone, our friend, whom we looked upon as raised from the dead, turned toward his associates and, in a moment, began to speak. these are his words, as he stood facing our friends. It is as though they were cast in raised gold upon a tablet which stands always before me. The voice came forth with a majesty that I cannot express. There was no affectation, just a clear, deep note of sincerity and strength.

He said, “Dear ones, you cannot know the joy, the peace, the great bliss you have given me in awakening me as you have. Just a moment ago it was all dark; I stood, fearing to go on and yet I could not return. The only way that I can explain it is I seemed engulfed in a great blackness from which I suddenly seemed to awaken and now I am again with you.” Here his face became so radiant with joy that there was no mistaking his sincerity.

Then he turned to us and said, “Dear ones, how I love to think of our association. You can never know the joy it has given me to have clasped your hands; the great joy it has given me to see and know and feel the sincerity with which you have accepted these, my dear helpers, who at this moment I am able to call divine. Could you see through my eyes at this moment, you would be able to know the bliss that I am experiencing. The greatest joy of all is to know so fully that each of you will stand and know, just as I am standing and knowing. That joy you will know only when you stand as I stand. I can say that it is well to have lived a full life, to be able to enjoy one moment of this. Then to think that I can see all eternity unfolding. Do you wonder when I say that my eyes are almost blinded and I am dazed with the revelation? Do you wonder at my great longing to unfold this vision to you, and not only to you, but to every brother and sister in the whole wide universe of God? Dear brothers, if I could lay a transforming hand upon you and lift you to where I stand, it seems that my joy would be multiplied manyfold at this moment. I am shown I must not do that. I am shown that you, yourselves, must stretch forth this transforming hand, and when you have stretched it forth you will find God’s hand ready to clasp yours. You will be able to walk and talk with Him, and God will eternally bless you as He does all. The greatest joy of all is, I am shown that it does not matter what the caste or creed of church, all are welcome.”

In a moment he had disappeared from our view, just faded away, it seemed to us. Was this an ethereal vision? All my associates concluded that it was not, for two of them had clasped this man’s hand. I leave it to the reader to decide.

Then one of our friends from the village turned to us and said, “I know that you are doubting but won’t you understand that this was not staged for your benefit. This is but one of the emergencies in our lives and, when the emergency does arise, we are able to come up over the emergency. This dear one had not been able in his own strength to quite surmount the divide, as you call it. In fact, as you see it, he had passed on. The soul had left the body behind and one so enlightened can be helped at the crucial moment, so that the soul returns and the body finishes its perfection; then the body can be taken along. This brother longed too ardently to pass on and he left his body when just a few more steps, as it were, helped it over the divide and the perfection was complete. The help extended was our great privilege.”

. . . . . . . .


The next morning we took up the regular work of translating, in order to get as clear an insight as possible into the meaning of the characters employed in compiling the records.  In fact, we were learning the alphabet of this ancient writing.  In this we became very deeply engrossed, with our hostess as teacher.

We had been occupied in this work for about two weeks when we went to the temple one morning and found our friend Chander Sen, who had apparently died and been resurrected, with not a vestige of old age about him. There was no mistaking him. As we came into the room he arose and came forward with a hearty greeting and handshake. You can imagine our surprise as we gathered around and began to ask questions. We were like a gang of schoolboys turned loose, all attempting to ask questions at the same time. But the fact remained, there he was, with the unmistakable form and voice but with not a trace of old age about him. Even the voice had regained the vibrant quality of middle age and everything about him showed the quality of a well-developed life, buoyant and keenly alive. The expression of the eyes and face was far beyond anything that I could put into words.

In the first few moments we could do nothing but picture to ourselves the contrast. When we had first seen him, he was a decrepit old man, leaning on a long staff for support, with long snow-white locks, halting step, and emaciated form. One of our party had remarked when we first met him, “Here we find among these great souls one so aged that he seems ready to pass to the great beyond.” Of course, the transformation which we had witnessed just a few days previous had left its impression, but his sudden disappearance had rather taken him and the incident out of our minds, as we did not think we would ever see him again. It was more than a rejuvenation. I can compare it only to the transfiguration of the One we love and respect so dearly. That soul was surely reborn, judging from the contrast between his appearance the first time we met him and the way he looked this morning. It is true that we had known him only a short time but we had been thrown in daily contact with him for a sufficient time to see and know that he was an old man. He was with us for nearly two years after this, acting as our guide and interpreter across the great Gobi. Years after, when two or three of the party would meet and our experiences were recalled, the experience of that morning would be the first subject brought up.

In recounting these events, I am not going to attempt to follow our whole conversation and record it word for word, for we consumed the greater part of two days in just talking and I believe a detailed account would be tedious reading. Therefore, in this instance I shall bring out only the main points.

After the first excitement had abated somewhat, we were seated and he began, “As the body represents the lowest degree of thought activities, so the Spirit represents the highest thoughts of Divine Mind. As the body is the outer expression of the thought, so the Spirit is that in which the form takes its initial impulse direct from the Divine Mind. It is the immortal and real Self, in which reside all the potentialities of Divine Mind.

“The thought atmosphere is a real, substantial thing and has in it all that makes the body. So many people consider the things that they cannot see as unsubstantial; and although they are told, over and over that they cannot conceal themselves, they go right on believing that they can. Did Adam and Eve conceal themselves when they were hiding from the Lord, or Law of God? It is well for us to know the truth that we carry around with us the open book of our lives, out of which all men read whether we realize it or not. Some people are good thought readers, while others are dull; but all can read a little and we cannot conceal ourselves. Also, our thought atmosphere is constantly precipitating its slowly cooling words on our body and there it is seen by all men. We can, with a little practice, feel the thought force of this atmosphere that surrounds us and gradually gain a realization of its existence as real as that of the outer world.

“I have learned that just as man may touch the earth with his feet, so on the wings of aspiration may he soar to celestial heights. Like those of old, he may walk the earth and talk with God and the more he does so, the more difficult it will be for him to discover where Universal Life ends and where individual existence begins. When man forms an alliance with God through spiritual understanding, the boundary line between God and man disappears. When this point is reached, man will know what Jesus meant when He said, `I and my Father are one.’

The great philosophers through the ages have accepted the idea of man as a trinity but it never was their belief that he has a triple personality.  They have considered him a being who in his nature is triune.

“The tendency to personalize all things has degraded that which is called the Blessed Trinity into the impossible conception of three in one, when it can be best understood as the Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience of the Universal Mind, God. As long as men consider the Blessed Trinity as three persons in one and as something that must be accepted even though it cannot be explained, they will dwell in the wilderness of superstition and thus, of doubt and fear.

“If the triune nature of God is spiritual rather than physical, then the trinity in man must be seen from a mental rather than from a material point of view. One of the wise philosophers has said, `Despising everything else, a wise man should strive after a knowledge of Self, for there is no knowledge that is higher, or that brings more satisfaction of power, than a knowledge of his own being.’ If a man knows his real Self, he cannot do otherwise than discover his latent possibilities, his concealed powers, his dormant faculties. Of what avail, if a man should `gain the whole world and lose his own soul?’ His soul is his spiritual self and, if he truly discovers his spiritual self, he can build a whole world if he is serving his fellow men by so doing. I have learned that he who would attain the ultimate goal must search the depths of his real Self and there he will find God, the fullness of all good. It is because man is a trinity in unity—composed of spirit, soul, and body—that, in a state of spiritual ignorance, he has the tendency to think on a level with the lowest degree of his nature, which is the physical.

“The ignorant man looks to his body for all the pleasure he gets and there comes a time when he gets from the senses all the pain that he can stand. What he does not learn through wisdom he must learn through woe and, after repeated experiences, he will not deny that wisdom is the better way. Jesus, Osiris, and Buddha said that with all our understanding, we must get wisdom.

“Thought, operating on the plane of the intellectual, raises the vibrations of the body to a point which corresponds to liquid. On this plane, thought is neither wholly material nor wholly spiritual. It is vibrating like a pendulum between materiality and spirituality but there comes a time when one must choose which one he will serve. If he chooses materiality, a world of confusion and chaos awaits him. He may choose the spirit and, if he does so choose, he may ascend to the dome of the temple of God in man. This state of thought can be compared to the gaseous in matter, which is elastic and tends to expand indefinitely. God always leaves it for man to say whether he will control his fluidic stream of thought in the direction of those celestial heights which bear him above the fog line of doubt, fear, sin, and sickness or let it sink to the sordid depths of the animal in man.

“If, in thinking of man as a trinity of spirit, mind, and body, we consider him principally from the standpoint of mind, or soul, we shall see that he occupies a position between two great extremes of mental activity, the lower of which is the body, and the higher, the spirit. Mind is the connecting link between the visible and invisible. Operating on the plane of the senses, the mind becomes the seat of all the animal appetites and passions. It is the serpent in man’s Garden of Eden which beguiles him into partaking of the poisoned fruit. When Jesus said, `As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the son of man be lifted up,’ he was not referring to the raising of his body on the cross but to the elevation of the soul or mind above sense delusions. Standing between spirit and body, though separated from neither, the soul or mind is capable of thinking even lower than the brute thinks; or it may enter into conscious union with pure spirit where there is an abundance of peace, purity, and God Power.

“When the son of man is lifted up to that realm in which he rises above the fallacies of the physical realm, he thinks and acts on the plane of pure intelligence. There he discriminates between those instincts which he shares with every other animal and those divine intuitions which he has in common with God. I have been shown that when man thinks on a plane with pure spirit, the soul enters consciously that realm wherein it perceives the ideal of things, rather than the things themselves. It is no longer dependent upon the senses but, with clearer vision, it sees the broad horizon’s grander view. It is here that truth is revealed by Divine Intelligence and speaks the inspiring and health-giving message.

“When the son of man has been lifted from the depth of his material world and has been surrounded by pictures of tranquil beauty and refinement of the mental world, after a time he is seized with a healthy dissatisfaction and the ever-upward urge of the soul bears him to higher realms. There he no longer sees the pictures of tranquility but dwells in the land of tranquility, surrounded by perpetual beauty. He has glimpsed the inner and to him that has become the all; and the outer has become the inner. He lives in a world of causes where before he moved in a world of effects.

“The spirit of triune man is pure intelligence, that region of his being where neither sense testimony nor human opinion has any weight against ascertained truth; it is the Christ within, or the Son of God in the son of man, the discovery of which sets at rest doubt and its discouragements. It is from this pinnacle of his being that man views all things with the clear vision of the educated soul. He beholds more things in heaven and upon earth than are dreamed of in any philosophy. When he has learned that he is not body with a mind which is ruled either from within or without, but that both can be made obedient servants to his real spiritual self, he has brought into expression that God-given dominion with which he was originally endowed.

“Spirit is the supreme essence of man’s being. It is never diseased and never unhappy for, as that great soul, Emerson, says, `It is the finite that suffers. The infinite lies stretched in smiling repose.’ Job of your Bible told you that man was Spirit and the breath of the Almighty gave him life. It is, indeed, the Spirit in man which gives life and that Spirit rules his lower activities. Spirit issues commands with authority and all things become subordinate to righteous rule.

“A new era, wrapped in the garment of approaching day, is dawning in the hearts of men; and soon again will the virgin Spirit of God shine forth from the heart and the door again will open, by which all who will may find entrance to a larger and fuller life. Young, vibrant, with perennial youth and hope and endeavor, the soul of man stands on the threshold of a new era, more glorious than any other that has brightened the sky since Creation’s dawn. The Star of Bethlehem shone brighter at Jesus’ birth than it had before but soon its brightness will be like a noonday sun, for this new light foretells the day when the Christ is born in the hearts of all men.”



The next morning Chander Sen continued his talk. “I have been shown beyond a question of doubt that the human intelligence can be transmuted into Divine Intelligence. As this was made plain to me, I found that I could enter the Kingdom of God and that Kingdom was right within. Now I know that God is the only power, Omnipresent and Omniscient; and that sin, discord, sickness, old age, and death belong only to a past experience. I now perceive the reality and know that I had been lost in the mist of illusion. Time and space have completely disappeared and I know that I now dwell in the subjective and that it belongs to the objective world. Had it been possible for me to have held to the promptings and the glimpses the finer senses have revealed from time to time, how many weary and anxious hours would I have been saved. While in youth I, like the greater portion of humanity, decided that there was but one life to live and that was the gratification of self in every way, so I determined to get the most out of that life. I made self-seeking the principle aim in life and I gave the animal passions full sway, with the result that I dissipated the life fluids of my body until it was but the empty shell that you first saw. Let me bring forth a picture that will more graphically illustrate my thoughts.”

He sat silent for a moment and a picture like those already described appeared upon one wall of the room. This was the picture of himself as we had seen him a short time ago. It was that of an old man, tottering along, leaning on his wooden staff. Following this was the likeness of the man as he appeared this morning. He continued, “The first represents the one who has dissipated the energies and life fluids of his body until nothing but the empty shell remains. The other represents the one who has conserved his energies and the vital life fluids within his body. You look upon this in my case as a complete and entire rejuvenation, which is true. But I look at it from another angle. How many could be as fortunate as I was, to have the help, sympathy, and assistance of those dear ones as I have had?

“In order that you may get my thought, let us follow the life of a person from birth to the end, as so many look upon death. The child is born. It is unconscious of the life-carrying fluids which course through its body, as they are inactive because the organs that generate life fluids are inactive and not yet developed. During this stage of development, if the child is normal, it is beautiful, active, and bubbling over with life. The life fluids are built up stronger and stronger, until the child reaches the stage of development where the life fluids are active, and they may be dissipated. If this dissipation takes place, in a few years the child begins to show age. The eyes lose their luster, the body its activity and grace. The features become set. In a few more years the brain loses its power of coordination with the muscles and the body is that of a decrepit old man or woman, but the empty shell of the former self.

“Then take the person who has conserved all the life fluids and allowed them to circulate in their natural course through the body, and see how strong and vigorous that one is. Should that one go on always conserving the life fluids, even though he did not perceive any higher idea of life than to be born, live a short time upon this earth, then pass on, the span of that life would be extended from three to four times that of a person who has dissipated the life fluids. If he does perceive that there is a greater scheme in God’s plan for him, he will at all times conserve the life fluids in the body, as he soon finds that they are a necessary adjunct for perfect development.

“It was only a short time ago that your learned men began to know of the delicate system of arteries and veins composing the circulatory system of your bodies. It is still left for them to determine that there is a far more delicate and subtle circulatory system throughout the body, which carries the life force to every atom. Through your nervous system this life force is sent to a set of cells in the brain. These cells, in turn, act as a distributor for the force and it is sent out to every atom of the body along the nerves, for which it has an affinity. It also acts as a protection for the nerves. If the life force is dissipated, the cells become set and cannot change for the new cells (that are formed to take their place) and the new cells are thrown off instead of the old ones, which gradually decompose and die. If the life force is conserved, the cells change as readily at five hundred years as at ten.

“It will be found that when all the life force is conserved, the body can be so charged with life that you can speak life into all forms. You can paint a picture, model a statue, or take any of your handiwork that expresses your ideal and breathe the breath of life into it and it will become alive. It will speak to you and to others who can see the life inspiration that you have spoken into it; and it will be active because you, the Lord God of you, has spoken and it is as He wills. But those forms will not assume the human, unless you carry them to the God Life. If you do give them life you must carry them through to the pure God Life; then they are perfect forms, as you are perfect, and you have fulfilled your responsibility. This you will find is true genius.

“There is one vital error that I wish to point out. The genius, as you consider him, as he begins to develop, has consciously or unconsciously acquired the ability to conserve and send the life forces in their purity through their natural channels; this condition has animated his body and the creative faculty and he sees that there is something higher for him to express than the ordinary. While he conserves the life forces and gives them free rein, he will go on to more and more glorious achievements; but if he allows sex lust to creep in, he quickly loses his creative power. The body has been first built up by conserving the life forces until the cells are of a finer texture than the lower order of person who has dissipated the life force. By this time the genius has risen to fame and, not having developed his deeper perceptive or God power, is carried away by self-glory. He forsakes his guiding light because he has not been fully awakened; in the urge for greater excitement, he begins to dissipate the life forces and quickly loses all power. For if man does raise his thought above the animal passions and conserves the life forces until the body has begun to take on the finer texture, then allows himself to fall back, he will go back much more rapidly than one that has not been thus awakened.

“When one has been awakened so that he will conserve all the life forces and let them be distributed to the nerves in the natural way, then let them go coursing along the nerves to every atom of the body, without deforming it with thoughts of sex-lust or passion, the exhilaration will be permanent and the sensation will far transcend that of sex. The serpent will be lifted up and will need to crawl on its belly through the murk and mire of lust and passion.

“If man could understand that this life fluid is many times more vital than a corresponding amount of pure blood, he would conserve instead of dissipate it. But he shuts his eyes to this fact (he may be entirely ignorant of it) and goes on, either in blindness or ignorance, until the Reaper arrives. Then a wail goes up, for he does not admire the harvest.

“You look upon old age with veneration and snow-white locks as a crown of honor, which I would not detract from in any way. But as you look upon the picture, I leave it for you to decide which is the more to be honored, he with the snow-white locks, who has by ignorance or direct perversity brought decrepitude upon himself or the one who, in maturity, becomes more vital, strong, and better equipped to meet the advancing years and because of them is more kind and generous. I recognize that the one who reaches the end through ignorance is to be pitied, while the one who knows and reaches the same end, is unspeakable.”


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