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I started this post yesterday: .....signs of death?
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Pamela Parnell
Posted 2019-09-02 12:44 PM (#232239 - in reply to #232238)
Subject: Stop looking for signs of aging!


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Location: Crystal River, FL

When I was 16 a friend of my mother came over, but mother was out and so we talked for a while. And something she told me that I forget often, but soon remember it—thank God: “Always look for the good, because if you look for the bad you are going to find it.”

So, are we looking for our first gray hair? Are we looking for our first wrinkles? Are we looking for the lump in the breast? Are we looking for colon cancer (the test they want you to send off in the mail)?

Raj talks about the ego “whispering in our ear”. Well, that is the ego whispering in our ears, when they want us to look for this and look for that. And then they want to spend billions of dollars in research to find out what is causing all these diseases. So, is it some foods or is it some chemicals you use to kill weeds and on and on, OR is it them whispering in our ear that those things are what causes diseases of all kinds.

I remember when I first heard that some foods, and some of this and that they have found causes cancer, and I thought, before they are through they will be telling us that everything causes cancer. And we are almost to that point now!

Could it be that it isn’t the food or the germs or anything causes these things, but it is what we believe about these things that are causing what we think they cause. They say that when you cough or sneeze you spread germs that cause those around you to catch your cold. But what if it isn’t the germs but the belief that the germs are causing you to catch the cold?

When I was in my early 20’s a friend invited me to come to her house for lunch. I told her I couldn’t because I was coming down with a cold. She said she wanted me to come anyway. And when I got there she told me not to accept the cold! I said, “What do you mean, not accept it.” She said, “Just tell it you don’t want it!” So, I said, “Okay, I don’t want this cold.” That night I had a dream that a spirit came to me and had written on a piece of paper “FEELING  GOOD!” And when I woke up that morning I saw that piece of paper in my mind and I said to myself: “I do! I feel good!”

And so, I made up an affirmation that said, “I do not get cold, flu or headaches.” I chose those 3 things because I got them regularly and I didn’t want them anymore. I would state that affirmation all the time to myself and if someone asked me for an aspirin for a headache, I would answer them with that affirmation. At least that way I could tell if they were open to hear the truth about it, or if they just thought I was crazy or usually they would say, “Aren’t you lucky.” And I would try to tell them that I simply stated it until I believed it and I have not had either of them since.

To me this proves that it is what we believe that causes us to experience that which we believe. It isn’t always easy to change our beliefs, especially if they have been conditioned into us for what seems to be forever. So, many things we learned or were told when we were children and we still believe them, thinking they are facts that cannot be changed.

For myself, there are many beliefs that I have been able to change and some seem to have become such a habit for many years that it is really hard to let them go . . . like aging! When do we start accumulating beliefs about aging and what it is going to look like for us? We see it and hear about aging from people, on TV commercials, etc. We are being bombarded with so-called “facts” about aging. And when these ideas and beliefs get into our minds they become so habitual that we rarely notice that they are just beliefs that maybe we over heard and thought that they were facts, so we decided to believe them.

What I suggested in the last post about “Abiding with the desire,” as Raj teaches, is a way of bringing up those conditioned beliefs so that we can see them and say “No” to them.

If it isn’t something the Father Created, then it isn’t Real and we do not have to accept it as so. I once asked someone who was experiencing a physical problem, if she prayed for healing. And she said, “No, I pray to endure it!” And I thought, how awful, we weren’t made to endure pain and suffering. And yet, those beliefs that I have not been able to undo, isn’t that what I’m doing . . . just enduring that pain and suffering? Aren’t we all just enduring, because we think we don’t have a choice?

I guess we just have to be more diligent to changing our minds! But the fact is that we must be more diligent to listen to the Father . . . always asking and listening before adding another belief to our already crowded minds with all these beliefs that man/woman have made up and have learned to live with and endure because we are ignorant that we have a choice to change our minds by only listening to the Voice for God’s Truths and live with His Mind, instead of the minds that we made up by listening to the voice of the ego.

I love this youtube of Bob Newhart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BjKS1-vjPs

For me, it is the way I actually finally quit smoking in 2000. I tried many times to quit and even made it twice for 6 months before going back to it. But then the time came when I said: "That's enough! I quit!" And I've never looked back. I never had any withdrawal. I've never wanted a cigarette since I said that! So, there is a way to experience those immediate healings.

Love You ALL, Pam
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