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Subject: The power of prayer in community is a blessing


The power of prayer in community is a blessing, from the thread below

Last night I had the privilege of tucking in my grandchildren while their parents took a couple of hours for themselves. It is not the first time I’ve done that but it is the first time that I had so much Meaning register with me. 

After sharing in prayer with the youngest, six, I sat quietly in the chair for a little while, just as I had promised her I would. After a few moments of silence while she lay there with eyes closed, my heart and mind opened into the realization, the experience of Recognition,  of how very, very precious this child is.  The Meaning which came with this experience was like the answer to a previous question I had shared here.  The question was something to the effect of wondering how one individual could possibley mean so much to God, to the Universe. And even though my prior answer came through the metaphor of an Apple, last night I felt it in the infinitude of my Being.

Furthermore, the Experience, the miracle, embraced another need-to-know which came up for me, Orinda, through the sharing of your experience and your curiosity about healing which touched my own.

Prior to my time with the children, and motivated by the curiosity and love shared here,  I had Asked to know more about the truth about healing, how this could REALLY happen. The Answer,  then, was to accept more of Truth, I.e., a change of heart.  A change of heart which involves acceptance of the Infinitude of our Being as the Truth of each one of us.  And, I now see that our willingness to Be from here comes with that amazing experience of being Loved, of Being Absolutely precious and irreplaceable in Creation.


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