some context for the Raj quote ...
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Subject: 'the curiosity of healing'


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Selene - 2020-10-23 2:06 AM Thinking of you and your loved one...wondering how the curiosity of healing is leading you two and how it’s looking. Love you both. Goodnight.

... your embrace and care is felt and gratefully received, Selene!
... and love how what you said there captured the feel and movement of where we are in being curious to see how and where the healing adventure takes us.
...  yesterday's telephone consult confirmed there is no present emergency ... and should surgery be deemed necessary, it will be 3 to 6 months before it can be arranged ... giving us permission to relax and get more clear and familiar with the Guidance orchestrating the healing.

...  curiously in the last 2 days there are signs, like amazing coincidences involving heart healings coming to our attention... as well as a very clear Guidance message that staying Joined with Holy Spirit on behalf of 'this need' is what 'my job' is for now.

thank you again for the love that heals ... the embrace and care of Community.... with Love, Orinda 

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