some context for the Raj quote ...
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Subject: "Be, and by being, heal the sick."


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... a little more current context for the quote and the meaning Raj gave me for it many years ago ... is that it's exactly what i can use, follow now, in attending a family member through the preparations for possibly having heart surgery in an out of province specializing hospital ... 
... inspired to have us both in the best possible place for the telephone consult with doctors tomorrow ... i've been asking and listening tonight ... the result of which was the idea to open her/niece ... introduce her to the idea of being available, willing for a different kind of healing  (as in, us being miracle ready) especially now that the virus restrictions have made it quite impossible to do things in the usual way...
... so that's what i'm happy to share ... how wonderfully open she was to participating in a kind of healing adventure .. pioneering something new, a new way ... like an investigation into what might happen if we look at the whole problem differently! ... what if we really knew, believed, as the Course said, on the message given;
... "There is no time, no place, no state where God is absent. There is nothing to be feared." (t,606)

Thy Will be done.

...  with Love, O

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