sharing the Vision ... on earth as it IS in heaven!
Posted 2019-09-14 7:33 AM (#232327)
Subject: sharing the Vision ... on earth as it IS in heaven!


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... amazing how you can suddenly hear the same old words give an entirely new meaning ... that's what happened just now as i was wishing for something meaningful to share and heard Marianne, in a friend's email link,  talking about her Vision for humanity   ... heard her say "on earth as it is in heaven" ... only in that instance it had radically new meaning ... like it said, was declaring ... the earth and all Life upon it IS NOW IN HEAVEN  ... not just something of a past thought,  but a go forward Knowing it IS that!  ... and to live moment to moment in accordance with what it means to Be in Heaven ... with love, O

...Favorite Video: Marianne Williamson"Our deepest fear is we are powerful beyond measure." 

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