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Frances Law - 2019-09-07 9:08 PM When Dorian was through here leaving a mess to clean up now I hear he is bothering Nova Scotia....hope you all will be safe and we all will continue to pray for all those in Bahamas and Outer Banks N.C …..Love to all Fran

... appreciate feeling connected with you today, around the storm yes ... and also just now as i'm 'weathering', past day or two, a sudden and unusual bout of severe depression ... glad to feel into and draw from your strength and calm ... Spirit helped earlier, directing to the part of the Course where he said something about us not using him, his help to the fullest ... inviting us to share our pains and joys with him ... and leave them both to find the peace of God! ... well for some reason that made perfect sense ... how i could just hand this over, share this painful disturbance with him ... like giving him my mind in that state and asking him to work his miracle and return it to me restored with the peace of God! ...   happy to say it obviously worked as i'm feeling better and seeing/letting in signs of Life and care again,  like your note ...

... and yes, nova scotia in the storm's path this weekend ... 4 sisters and families in the area  ... newfoundland as well is expecting a brief visit to it's west coast  ... with love and thanks,  do know your being the felt presence of love for all of us here today is gratefully witnessed, Orinda 

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