Monthly Raj Gatherings

Please join us on the third Saturday of every month from 12pm to 7pm (Pacific Time) during the spring, summer, and fall months for a Gathering with Raj.  During the events, we serve a buffet lunch which is followed by an afternoon session of question and answers that usually start around 1:30pm.  Please visit our Calendar page to view the upcoming workshops as well as register for the workshops.

If you cannot join us in person, we invite you to join us via the Internet.  By clicking on the Listen Now RajCast Live! button to the right, you can tune into the workshop that is currently being broadcast.  If you have problems connecting to the broadcast, please visit our Live Broadcasts page for helpful instructions.

Is there a charge for joining us?  No, all events, materials, and resources are provided free of charge.  Does the foundation require financial support?  Yes, these services are made possible by the ongoing financial support of people like you, and we thank you all for the opportunity to provide you with these gifts.


The address of the Foundation is:
The Northwest Foundation For A Course In Miracles
5977 NE Cliffside Rd,
Kingston, WA. 98346
(360) 638-0530

Driving directions:
Here is a link to a map and driving instructions from the Kingston ferry terminal that get you to the Foundations house. And if you are going to take the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry, here is a link to a map and driving instructions from the Bainbridge ferry terminal that will get you to the Foundations house. When you visit the links to the maps above, you'll notice that there is a link "Show return directions". If you click on that, it will give you the return directions from the house back to the ferries.

If you want to create your own directions you can type in your address as the starting point and the foundations address as the destination at the Lycos Travel web site.

Ferry Schedules

Please check out the Washington State Ferry Schedules for the Edmonds-Kingston and Seattle-Bainbridge Island routes. These are the two typical ways people get from the Seattle side of the water to the peninsula. If you are driving up from south of Tacoma WA., you can take route 3 from Tacoma all the way up to Kingston (via Poulsbo WA.).

If you are taking the Edmonds-Kingston ferry, you might want to consider parking your car in Edmonds WA. and walking on. There are pay parking lots right next to the Edmonds ferry terminal. The cost to park it is about $5.00 for the entire day. On Sundays, you can find parking on the nearby residential streets for free; on Saturdays there is a 2-3 hour parking limit, but on Sundays there is no limit.

The Tuttle Shuttle
The foundation makes shuttle runs to the Kingston ferry dock to pick up walk-on's. In order to be picked up from the Kingston ferry terminal once you arrive, you'll need to call the Foundation at (360) 638-0530 and let them know that you need to be picked up. There are telephone booths around, just call when you get in. Upon calling, they will tell you where to go to meet up with the shuttle.

The best drive on and walk on times are any time before 11:00am. Any later then that will get you to the workshop after 12:00pm noon, which is the scheduled starting time. If you are planning to drive on, make sure you get to the terminal early. During the summer months the Edmonds ferry terminal tends to be congested. Try to get to the terminal 30-60 minutes in advance.

If you are trying to catch the Edmonds ferry but there is a big line of parked cars waiting to pay and board the ferry, this is a good indicator that you won't make the departure time you were hoping for. In this case, please park in the pay lots near the ferry, walk on, and follow the directions above for catching the Tuttle Shuttle to the premises.

The other reason you might want to walk on is that when taking the Kingston ferry back to Edmonds, there is usually a very long line of cars waiting to go home. Usually a 2 to 3 ferry wait on Sunday evening, and a 1 to 2 ferry wait on Saturday. One more plus about walking on is that you'll only have to pay when traveling from Edmonds to Kingston. Taking the ferry from the Kingston side is free for passengers and walk ons. This will save you about $20.00 that you would have spent just to drive the car over.

During the summer months the tourist traffic to the peninsula is high. This is what causes the backup on Sunday night. If you do decide to drive over to Kingston and you don't want to wait for the Kingston ferry, and going through Seattle is not to much out of your way, I would suggest taking the Bainbridge ferry back to Seattle. This run is usually not as crowded as the Edmonds-Kingston ferry run.


If you don't mind walking on to the Edmonds-Kingston ferry in the morning and being picked up by the shuttle, a hotel in Edmonds has been recommended by previous gathering attendees. The Harbor Inn of Edmonds can be reached at (425) 771-5021 for reservations. They also have parking for their customers, so all you'll have to do is take a short walk to get to the ferry.

Poulsbo, WA. is also a good place to stay. There are several motels there. I've stayed in the Poulsbo Inn. You can reach them at (360) 779-3921.

If you are considering staying the night in Kingston WA, the closest motel for lodging is a local motel by the name Smileys Colonial Motel. You can reach them at (360) 297-3622 for reservations and directions. Smileys does not come highly recommended, but it does the job.