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Have you ever wanted to converse with others that are currently visiting the board? Have you ever yearned for that group experience and perspective that you only get while attending a workshop in person but couldn't get because you were online without an immediate way to communicate? Now you and your friends can chat online, live and in real time! Just follow the instructions below to get you started in the wonderful world of Internet chat.

Remember, please mind your manners and be courteous to others.
Enjoy the connection to your community : )

When I click on the Chat Now link above, the chat page fails to load.  How can I fix it?

Make sure you have the latest Java runtime installed on your machine.  The newer versions of Windows and Internet Explorer don't include the Java runtime that is required by the chat control.  To install the latest version, visit Sun Microsystems Java download page  to download and install the version appropriate for your system. 

I don't like using the Java chat client.  What other cool ways can I join in the chat?

For Windows users, all you need is a program called mIRC; a wonderful little utility for connecting you to others in a live real-time chat room. To install mIRC, please visit http://www.mirc.com/get.html and choose a location closest to you to download it from. When prompted to Save or Open it, choose Open to start the setup process.

Follow the instructions during setup and accept all of the default options given. After successfully installing mIRC, come back here and follow the instructions in the next section entitled "How do I connect to the live chat room?"

If you are a Mac user, please visit the Mac section at the bottom of this page.

How do I configure mIRC to connect to the live chat room?

Just click here and mIRC should automatically connect to the server and join the chat room.  If not, you'll be presented with the following dailog where you'll be required to fill in some information before you can connect.

This is the mIRC Options dialog (above). To get connected, only the main 'Connect' Category:  has to be filled in. Select the Connect item from the tree (if it's not already selected) and enter the following information in the fields:

Full Name: Your real name (ie, John Doe)
E-Mail: Your email address (ie, me@somewhere.com)
Nick Name: A one to nine character alias to use on the chat system (ie, The_Sun)
Alternate: If someone else is already using the Nick Name you you've chosen on IRC, you will be known by this alternate name instead. (ie, The_Moon)

Next, you'll need to add the IRC server that the RajCast Chat is held on. To do this, click on the "Add" button. You'll be presented with the following dialog:

You'll need to provide the following data:

Description: RajCast Chat Server
IRC Server: irc.pointofperfection.com
Port(s): 6667

You can leave Group and Password blank. When you're finished, hit the "Add" button. This will add the RajCast Chat server to the list, but you'll need to select it from the list once you're back at the Options dialog. To do this, click on the drop down list box where it says "Random US DALnet Server" (If you're not sure, refer to the first image above.) Scroll down the list till you see our new server "RajCast Chat server" and select it. Once selected, you can hit the "Connect To IRC Server" button. This will save your changes and connect to the RajCast Chat server....

You're almost there!!!! but there's one more step you need to do. You need to add the room to your room list and configure mIRC so it'll join the room whenever you start mIRC up. So here goes. Click on the "Channels Folder" button in the button bar. It's the third button in the button bar, the one at the end of this following picture (with the folder and the #+ markings inside of it):

This will bring up the following dialog:

Now click on the "Add" button to bring up the following "Add Channel" dialog:

You'll need to enter the following information and check the "Join channel on connect" box as it looks above:

Channel: #RajCast
check the "Join channel on connect" check box

Don't put anything in the Password box, and leave everything else the same. That's it!!! Hit the OK button. You should see the #RajCast channel in your channels folder. Just highlight it and hit the "Join" button.

You should now be connected to the #RajCast chat room and able to chat with everyone in there.....

Now during the off peak times, you might not see anyone but the chat room bot. But just organize with others to go in there at a certain time and you'll have a blast. Note: the place that you type your messages into is at the bottom of the chat window. Just hit enter when you're ready to post the message.

I am familiar with IRC (Internet Relay Chat). What is the server, port, and room used to connect?

mIRC (for Windows) and Snak (for Mac) are two popular clients used to chat on IRC. You'll need to provide the following server address, port number, and initial chat room to your client to join in the chat. Here's the info:

Server Address: irc.pointofperfection.com
Port: 6667
Room: #RajCast

I am a Mac user, what program should I use to join the chat?

For Mac users, you can use Snak or Ircle.

For Snak, please visit the Snak page at http://www.snak.com/. To download Snak, go to http://www.snak.com/SnakDownload.html . Snak is well known and used by other Gathering Place members, so you'll have better support if you run into problems.

For Ircle, please visit the Ircle setup page at http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/mac/ircle_setup.html .

This should help you get started.